Internet Advertising

Attracting potential customers — that’s the primary purpose of Advertising.  Digital technologies have fundamentally changed how we do this.  Mass marketing no longer requires mass media — or massive spending.  Now, even advertisers with limited resources can reach mass audiences.  And do it with an unprecedented level of accountability.

Using Technology to Improve Results
East Bank Communications uses sophisticated ad-buying technology to place clients' ads in national, regional and local content that's appropriate for their product or services.  With the East Bank Internet ad program you get:

  • Premium Online Ad Placements
  • Large Numbers of Advertising Impressions (viewers)
  • Low Cost
  • Sophisticated Audience Targeting
  • Detailed Reporting & Accountability
  • Total Control of Your Budgets

And is it Effective?
We recently ran a 6 week campaign for a local retailer that delivered over 970,000 impressions for less than $4,500.  It brought 1,074 visitors to their website.


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